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Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven advanced diagnostic solutions to bring healthcare to the most remote and inaccessible parts of Rural India

Using Data Science by primary data collection

Healthcare has been a misnomer in India with the absence of Primary Healthcare and Preventive Medicine, especially in tier IV, V and VI rural villages in India.

Occupational hazards like consumption of selenium and other harmful particles and nutritional deficiencies in North Indian states like Punjab. The excessive usage of chemical pesticides and insecticides has shown the side effects of alarming rate of cancer incidences in the state. Factors like urbanization, stress level infusion, induction and Industrial produce & waste are affecting Maharashtra, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka with highest incidences of lifestyle induced cancers like Breast cancer and Lung Cancer.

Early Detection and Prevention to democratize healthcare till last mile!

Aaroogya is in alignment with the vision and mission of the holistic umbrella of the National Health Protection scheme called Ayushman Bharat. It involves improvising and establishing existing Public Health, Primary care and Wellness Centers. The scheme shall cover 100 million families from the lower economic strata who have little or no access to basic healthcare facilities. Aaroogya is not a conventional Non-Governmental Organization, but a Holistic concept of Disrupting and Democratizing Preventive Healthcare with contemporary social innovations, incorporating into the Public Health Care Domain in India.

The Differentiator

The conceptualization of “Early Detection and Secondary Prevention” is a complete brainwave concept of the services we have designed. With the help of a panel of Medical Practitioners & Specialists, and Internet of Things, it is a revolutionary concept that includes access to everything from Telemedicine and Behavioral Anthropological solutions to studying ecosystems of individuals.

It also helps us in creating and managing real-time Health Records and patient data for Preventive Healthcare, and Mobilize patients for immediate evaluation and diagnostic, efficiently.

With all this, we are now ready and intend to conduct Campsite High-end Technology based Diagnosis – especially in the Targeted Tier III & IV rural pockets in India. This will help in cutting down the inefficiency in access and the severe dependency on tedious travelling by both men and women to access basic, primary healthcare facilities.

Our Early Detection and Secondary Prevention frameworks are as follows:

Early Detection: Clinical on-ground Patient History & Screening of patients, diagnostic tests, mobilization of patients to partner Secondary / Tertiary Care Unit, Follow Up and Telemedicine.

Secondary Prevention: Conducting on-ground Real Time Survey at the camp sites and door to door, conducting breast cancer and women health awareness sessions, teaching breast self–examination.

Our data scientists do the data analysis to create a report of the entire ecosystem of each topography distinctly.


Ikigai, the word, is usually used to indicate the source of value in one’s life or things that make one’s life worthwhile. Like, we need both, Passion and Purpose to achieve our individual goals.

Therefore, when we talk about the concept of Holistic Health, it is not just about disease management. Holistic Health is a combination of one’s physical health, mental health, livelihood, nutrition intake, as well as level of hygiene and sanitation. Collectively, they form Aaroogya’s very own Ikigai model for Holistic Healthcare.