Aaroogya / BIHAR

Buxar district, 2019, a part of Patna division is a district of Bihar state with its administrative headquarters located at Buxar state.
Reach – 1.5
Lives touched (Impact number) – 10000


Element I: Services: – 10,000+ beneficiaries Reach: 1.5 Million population accessible to our services in the district
Telemedicine Health Kiosk and Medicine Vending Machine (MVM) installation
with Electronic Health record, specialized doctor consultation and diagnostic tests – In collaboration with MedOnGo
Breast Cancer Screening and Early Detection – by Artificial Intelligence based Thermomammogram with no radiation and no invasiveness – Donated by The Hans Foundation and solution by NiramAI – 5000 women
Health, Nutrition, Sanitation and Hygiene Ecosystem Study and campaign for awareness with workshops and door to door engagement by On Ground fellows – 10,000 women in 10 blocks at Buxar
Cervical Cancer screening and diagnosis – 5000 women
Capacity Building workshops for Women Health, Nutrition, Sanitation and Hygiene with MHM for 1,000+ local stakeholders and potential female leaders in the community – Done for 240 ANMs and 100+ ASHA workers
Menstrual Hygiene and distribution of world class reusable cloth SAAFKINS for a use of 1 year in set of 3 keeping environment safety and social barriers in mind, product designed over 7 years of textile and social innovation and design thinking expertise – Donated by Give Her 5v – CSR by LivinGuard and campaign by Diya Mirza
Hepatitis Screening in association with Mylan Pharmaceuticals for 8000 plus beneficiaries; Children – Influenza screening and Malnutrition in association with Tracus for 2000 children

Learnings, Outcomes and Outputs

Element II: Projected Outcomes to achieve: Complete women health solution for 10,000 women and children below poverty line in Buxar, Bihar.
Awareness, door to door interview, workshops and capacity building for 240 ANM, 160+ ASHA workers, Self Help groups and 10,000 local women in Buxar; Research Survey Results of interviewed population out of the projected reach of the women
These women learnt the practice of Nutrition, Sanitation, good hygiene, and about their General Health Status and get screened for Breast and Cervical Cancer.
We learnt about the Women Cancer Incidences in this particular topography.
Aaroogya Research Analysts in association with BIT Mesra from Bihar learned about the primary General Health, Nutritional, Sanitation and women Cancer occurrences in this targeted location of India – Buxar, Bihar.
Beneficiaries got sensitized on menstrual health and hygiene in order to reduce infections cause by poor menstrual hygiene practices

Improved comfort and mobility

Increased usage of modern sanitary product by target group
Women will be benefitted from Saafkins anti-bacterial PERIOD PANTIES
All stakeholders will learn more about the actual status of the targeted demography by our data analysis report and create further Health policies revolving around the women health status in Buxar after the project.