Rishikesh in Rishikesh block in Tehri – Garhwal district
Reach – 0.040 M
Lives touched (Impact number) – 1000


We strategically study and select an area and conduct Primary ecosystem – anthropological study to understand each individual with a holistic parameters based knowledge from their daily life and history with our Aaroogya Research Fellows on-ground and then we go on with the Public health approach of Doctors intervening with physical diagnosis, Telemedicine, AI based Thermo – mammogram by Niramai, our solution partner for screening and On the spot results for further early detection of Breast Cancer Early Detection: Clinical on-ground Patient History & Screening of patients, Diagnostic tests, Analysis, Reporting, Follow up Mobilization of patients to partner Secondary / Tertiary Care Unit, Follow Up. Secondary Prevention: Conducting on-ground Real Time Survey at the campsites and door to door, conducting breast cancer awareness sessions, teaching breast self–examination.

Learnings, Outcomes and Outputs

Element II: Projected Outcomes to achieve: Complete women health solution for 1000 women and children below poverty line in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand in collaboration with Dr Vidhi.

Awareness, door to door interview, workshops and capacity building for 100 ANM, Self help groups and 900 local women; Research Survey Results of interviewed population out of the projected reach of the women
These women learnt the practice of Nutrition, Sanitation, good hygiene, and about their General Health Status and get screened for Breast and Cervical Cancer.
We learnt about the Women Cancer Incidences in this particular topography.
Aaroogya Research Analysts learned about the primary General Health, Nutritional, Sanitation and women Cancer occurrences
Beneficiaries got sensitized on menstrual health and hygiene in order to reduce infections cause by poor menstrual hygiene practices.